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Job Vacany:Programme Head

Job Vacancy:Programme Head

Location:Abuja/Abuja FCTCountry:Nigeria
Job Status:Full-TimeJob Type:EmployeeSalary:Reference Code:Programme Head Abuja
Job Description The Organisation
Abuja Technology Village Foundation Ltd/Gte is charged with the responsibility of designing, planning and overseeing the implementation of programs related to the promotion of national development in the areas of direct correlation with a Technology Park development project in the Federal Capital Territory. The key catch phrases behind the object of the Foundation include support of the rural poor with the use of technology, promotion of science & technology education, promotion of the use of environmentally friendly energy solutions and other sustainable initiatives ; and, support of technology incubation. The Foundation recognizes community, the environment and sustainable development as key to its success and core mandate.

The Job
Under the guidance of a Board of Directors comprising highly…

6 ways to easily pass your PMP Exams in Nigeria.

6 ways to easily pass the PMP® Exams in Nigeria. 1.Attend Classroom or Multimedia (Virtual)Training 2.Apply for your PMP exams offline then come back online to fill in the forms 3.PMP Exam Success Series: Bootcamp Manual or Head First PMP + PMBOK 4th Edition 4.Take out time to study 5.Practice like the real exams using PMP Practice Simulated Exams 6.Go in and PASS the exams on 1st Try! What to do?
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10 Likely PMP Exam Questions(Answers Included)

1.The project manager and the team are in the processes of identifying risk for an important IT project. They have defined   a risk trigger related to the deliverable of third party software. In defining a risk trigger, which of the following is most accurate? A.The software risk trigger is an indicator that the software risk event is      Possible in the during the life of the project. B.The software risk trigger is an indicator that the software risk will occur in the near future. C.The software risk trigger is an indicator that the software risk has occurred. D.The software trigger risk is an important part of the software risk
CORRECT ANSWER :( A) EXPLANATION- A risk trigger is an indicator that a risk event can occur. Do not assume that a risk will occur if a risk trigger is discovered 2.The board of directors of a well known technology company is analyzing the current recession. After a discussion regarding possible response to the econom…

9 Effective ways to meet Project Targets.

9 Effective ways to meet Project Targets

Planning and Monitoring/Controlling a project is so paramount in meeting Project Targets. In this article we are going to work through ten ways to effectively meet Project Targets. Planning though seemingly a minor phase dictates the direction and sets the pace for the entire project’s success. 

1. Develop aProject Charter Document and get sign-offs. A Project Charter is a high-level document that explains the project requirements, scope, and key deliverables. Production of this document is the number one way to promote project success. It is impossible to keep a project on target when there is no defined and agreed upon target.  The Project Charter document helps the team and stakeholders develop a common understanding of the project. 

 2. Have one high-level Project Sponsor or Project Champion identified. The sponsor will be the champion for the project effort, providing the enthusiasm for the project and its benefits that will drive progress fo…

A review of the Free PM Exam Simulator from our Partners!

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Job Vacancy Nigeria:Planning Engineer (Brunel Energy)

Planning Engineer

Job description Roles (Basic Function and Scope)
• Mentors and guides C&S engineers to provide support to all project management teams. Assists C&S engineers in their planning and performance of discipline-associated tasks to enable projects to be executed aligned with Projects group priorities and consistent with the EMCAPS framework.
• Reviews, endorses, and provides input into proposed refinements / changes and updates to cost and schedule, contracting and reporting tools used in the Projects Department. In some cases, will lead the updates. Ensures continuous improvements in project control procedures.
• Encourages C&S Engineers to maintain continual interface with external departments, especially Development Planning, Facilities Engineering, and Procurement.
• Mentors and Assist project teams by developing and maintaining project monitoring and reporting systems aiding the effectiveness of the management of projects.
• Pro…

PMP Exams changes August 31st 2011.

PMI (Project Management Institute) is a world class Projet Management authority. PMP Certification Exams changes August 31st 2011

Every five to seven years, the Project Management Institute (PMI) performs a Role Delineation Study to determine authority ("the role"), responsibilities & duties of project managers today. The findings are then used to update the Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam.

In this way, PMI ensures that the PMP Exam is a reflection of what project managers actually do in the field. If PMI didn't regularly go through this process adding new elements and removing old ones, then you would still be tested on outdated methods that were used in the 1980s when the first PMP exam was given.

PMI completed their latest study at the end of 2010. The findings will lead to an update in the PMP Exam on 31 August 2011. What will this imply?

The PMBOK Guide Is Not Changing

First of all and most importantly: There is NO change to the PMBOK Guide.…

Without sounding biased..Do you think that Nigerian Organizations really practice 'Project Management' in the true sense of it?Lets pick your brains here.

Today,we have a very interesting discuss on my Nigerian Association on Project Management Group on linked in that we want to share.

The topic of the discussion was ‘Without sounding biased..Do you think that Nigerian Organizations really practice 'Project Management' in the true sense of it?Lets pick your brains here’ there were so many interesting comments coming from Project Management Practioners in Nigeria and the diaspora.

With the onslaught of a new government come May 29th 2011,we hope they will listen to these comments and build a better Project Nigeria during their leadership span of 4years!These comments to me were some of the best.

Have a good read, remember to leave your own comment behind!

1. It's difficult to say; perhaps I shouldn't even comment on this, having never had a go at practising Project Management in Nigeria. I do however know that quality and excellence in both development and delivery are the bed rocks of project management and it is still, …