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Nigerian Construction Risk/Disaster Management Conference 2010.

Sustainable development and disaster reduction are essential preconditions for each other. Natural disasters severely hamper the progress and achievements of sustainable development while, at the same time, physical infrastructure we are constructing may itself constitute a source of risk in the event of future disasters. This is particularly true in the case of earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters where the majority of victims are killed by their own collapsing houses. From the perspectives of environmental degradation, human intervention, and security aspects, disaster management is a pressing issue for all of us and should be undertaken on a comprehensive basis.
In order to build disaster-resilient nation, NCRDMC will be showcasing senior level speakers, decision makers and key players in the Risk/ Disaster Management, Construction, Oil and Gas, Environmental Health and Insurance sectors to disc…

Earn Free PDUs at this virtual event!!!

Earn Free PDUs at this virtual ESI IMPACT 2010 event.

The IMPACT Virtual Event is designed as an opportunity for you to obtain valuable information to improve your business performance; without the travel expense or registration fees associated with a standard trade show.
You’ll have the chance to explore numerous resources and take away relevant content that will provide you with measurable and impactful results-all for FREE!
View insightful videos and web presentations from global industry experts Download resources and tools to improve your business performance Maintain professional certification standards with FREE PDUs What are the benefits of attending Virtual Shows?

There are a lot of benefits of attending Virtual Shows:
View multiple presentations at your convenience Personalized Experience - enjoy the show at your pace, at your place. Information! Information! Information! -All free! Easier to search for content

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