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Top 10 Benefits of earning the PMP Certification

Top 10 Benefits of earning the PMP Certification

1. Will expose you to mainstream thinking on project management standards, techniques, best practices, and current trends
2. You will learn great new tricks and techniques to assist you in your project management activities
3. When hiring, many companies are now giving preference to project managers that are PMP certified
4. It’s a formalized display of your professional ability
5. If working for a consulting firm, your PMP credential may help your company win business, making you more valuable to your firm
6. Will provide networking opportunities with other PMPs
7. Will impress your friends at workshops,seminars and meetups
8.Will provide potential teaching opportunities by teaching PMP classes to future PMP candidates
9.Illustrates personal drive to further your credentials, knowledge, and professional abilities
10.Helps to distinguish you from other project management professionals in this tough job market For Training in Nigeria visi…

Overview of PMBOK 5th Edition changes vs PMBOK 4th Edition

Overview of PMBOK 5th  Edition changes vs PMBOK 4th Edition

Project Management is an exciting and growing industry,the no of Project oriented jobs in seven projectized industries among eleven countries will jump to 47.6 Million by this decade's end,a 30% increase from 2010. ~Source'Project oriented Employment Trends &Costs of a skills Gap(2010-2020) PMI.
The PMBOK(Project Management Body Of Knowledge) Guide is the book published by PMI outlining a set of standard terminology and guidelines for Project Management.
Brief History: PMBOK was first published in 1983,1st Edition.  1st Edition -1996 2nd Edition -2000 3rd Edition- 2004 4th Edition - 2008 5th Edition- 2012
Addition of a new knowledge area called ‘Stakeholder Management’ (going from 9 to 10 Knowledge areas) PMBOK 4th Edition PMBOK 5th Edition Knowledge Area No of Processes Knowledge Area No of Processes Integration 6 Integration 6 Scope