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How to become a Professional Event Manager

Webinar Invitation: How to become a Professional Event Manager

You are invited to attend this webinar titled "How to become a Professional Event Manager".

The Event Management industry is worth over $60 Billion worldwide with an ever increasing growth rate per year according to IEG Reports.

With over 150+ trained professionals by Ritetrac Consulting in the past 7 years in this fast growing event management industry,we will like to introduce what it takes to become a Professional Event Manager/Planner.

What you will learn
1. Introduction to Event Management
2. Skills of an Event Manager and why do people hire them?
3. How to setup your business in the next 30 -90 days
4. Marketing your Event Planning Business
5.Case studies of Successful Event Planners
There will be a Live Question/Answer Session.

This is Webinar is meant for
* Event Management Service Providers
* Event planners
* Entrepreneurs
* Wedding Planners
* Sports Event Planners
* Meeting Planners
* Anybody with a keen in…