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Vacancy at Ritetrac Consulting Nigeria Limited

Vacancy:  Business Development Officer Company: Ritetrac Consulting Nigeria Limited based in Abuja, FCT, Nigeria. Industry: Management Consulting Summary Job Description: The position of Business Development Officer involves responsibility for identifying new business opportunities and business partners in order to generate new income for the company. This is done by research, networking, arranging appointments and putting together proposals and presentations aimed at attracting either customers or investors.  Business development officers are also responsible for creating digital marketing interactions for the organization. An applicant for this role should have excellent verbal communication and presentation skills and be able to work successfully within a team. It is also important to have some marketing/sales experience and knowledge of business and marketing protocols. Excellent IT competency is also essential, as is the ability to use initiative …

What are you doing differently in 2014?

What do you want to do differently in 2014?

Remember to achieve a different result in the workplace in 2014,you need to have the necessary skill sets and competencies to deliver business results. 
Learning never Ritetrac Consulting Nigeria Ltd. let us be your partner on the journey to achieving your career goals in 2014 with our Customized Professional  Training Programs which are highly interactive and impact-full. 
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