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April-May 2014 Training Courses from Ritetrac Consulting

April-May 2014 Training Courses from Ritetrac Consulting
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April/May Training Calender at Ritetrac Consulting Nigeria Limited
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PMP{Project Management Professional} Lagos
{APRIL 5TH,6TH,12TH &13TH 2014}
PMP Abuja
{MAY 10TH,11TH,17TH AND 18TH 2014}
PMP Port Harcourt
{MAY 10TH,11TH,17TH AND 18TH 2014}

Corporate Event Management ABUJA:
April 22nd,23rd,24th 2014.
Corporate Event Management LAGOS:
April 22nd,23rd,24th 2014.

Microsoft Project {Port Harcourt and Abuja}
April 26th and 27th 2014

APRIL 28th,29th,30th 2014

ITIL Intermediate -Lifecycle(Service Operation) Abuja
May 1st,2nd,3rd 2014

RMP {Risk Management Professional}Lagos
May 3rd,4th,10th,11th

Lagos: May 3rd,4th,10th,11th,2014
Port Harcourt: May 17th,18th,24th and 25th,2014
Abuja :May 17th,…

Steps to Managing Multiple Projects.


Time management is crucial when you have more than one task on your to do list and without it the amount of work you've signed yourself up for may feel overwhelming. 
The following are ways to keep your sanity while getting everything done in a timely manner. 1 Prioritize your projects. Order of importance can be determined by deadlines, the insistence of others (also known as the squeaky wheel syndrome) or the amount of work it will take to complete.
      Bigger projects, even those with far out deadlines, that are going to take more time should be started earlier to ensure everything gets done especially when downtime is needed for drying or curing.
2   Combine similar tasks when possible. Anything that you can combine cutting fabrics for different projects, converting photos or images in the same program, framing to maximize efficiency will help you and save you the trouble of having to pull out certain tools again and again.
3Clean as you go. …

Earn PDU Information Service now available.

At Ritetrac Consulting Nigeria Limited our Earn PDU Information Service is now available.

We are offering PDU information as a service from Ritetrac Consulting starting from March 1st 2014 to help PMPs to be keep track with earning their PDUs on time and on schedule from various global PMI accredited PDU providers.

This service is coming to you as a result of gaps noticed with PMP certification owners in Nigeria and the world at large not being able to earn their PDUs to allow them re-certify usually caused by lack of information, busy schedule etc found from our survey.

Your annual subscription fee for the Earn PDU Informational Service covers the following:
Twice monthly information sent via Email, Newsletter and SMS alerts to
cover current places to earn PDUs from
a. Workshops
b. Webinars
c. Seminars
d. PMI Congresses/Conferences
e. Project Management Volunteer Opportunities
f. PMI Chapter Meetings in your location (*if available)
g. Other PDU Eligible activities etc

Keep abreast and subscrib…

How to build great relationships for project success.

How to build great relationships for project success.

Good relationships can be the difference between outstanding Success and dismal failure because it's all about getting people to like and trust you so that they will deliver what you need them to deliver at the right time in the right place. Networking helps build relationships, networking either internal or external is essentially about building solid business relationship especially while executing projects. In doing this, you need good skills in creating rapport and listening. If you can make a connection with people on subjects you have a genuine interest in, their confidence in you will grow, use this connection to engage them and then ask genuine questions and just listen. They’ll often tell you what you need to know. Strong bonds will inevitably stem from commonalities discovered in simple conversation. Other ways to building a good relationship for project Success includes: Getting Personal: This simply implies being …