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Career Focus: Event Manager

Career Focus: Event Manager

This industry is one of the emerging sectors with a promising future.
Event Management when compared to other traditional professions such as medicine, law and accounting is an in-demand profession.
It is an area that is growing rapidly and now represents hundreds of professionals who are responsible for planning, coordinating and evaluating a wide range of events all year round.
This industry accounts for $500 Billion and still growing Worldwide and in Nigeria the Nigeria Event Management industry is worth $32 Billion. A reason why the industry has grown is because of globalization. An average income of an event planner with little or no experience in Nigeria is 200,000Naira monthly.

Event management is predominantly about creating an experience. Bearing in mind that first impressions last, it is important when embarking on any event regardless of its scale to take the correct approach and use the right techniques to ensure that your event is successful.

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