10 Likely PMP Exam Questions(Answers Included)


1.       The project manager and the team are in the processes of identifying risk for an important IT project. They have defined   a risk trigger related to the deliverable of third party software. In defining a risk trigger, which of the following is most accurate?
A.      The software risk trigger is an indicator that the software risk event is     
Possible in the during the life of the project.
B.      The software risk trigger is an indicator that the software risk will occur in the near future.
C.      The software risk trigger is an indicator that the software risk has occurred.
D.      The software trigger risk is an important part of the software risk

CORRECT ANSWER :( A) EXPLANATION- A risk trigger is an indicator that a risk event can occur. Do not assume that a risk will occur if a risk trigger is discovered
2.       The board of directors of a well known technology company is analyzing the current recession. After a discussion regarding possible response to the economic situation the board decides that a reduction in force may be necessary & begins laying the ground work. What type of risk balance is the board demonstrating
A. Risk-averse B. Risk-analysis C. Risk-neutral D. Risk- seeker
 CORRECT ANSWER :( C) EXPLANATION- A risk-neutral mentality does not take action until a risk event is triggered. The risk-averse mentality takes a very conservative approach to risk. Risk analysis is noise. A risk seeker is a person who takes risk in the hope of reward
3.       Which of the following is an example of a lead
A.      The earliest a new system can be ordered from the manufacturer without delaying the project
B.      The non critical path activities
C.      A delay after the sheetrock(wall board) is done in a house to allow it to dry before continuing work in that area
D.      Starting to test software before all the modules are complete
CORRECT ANSWER: (D) EXPLANATION- A lead is an activity accelerant. In this case, testing software before all of the modules are complete Is an example of a lead. The others are noise.
4.                   Senior management has asked a project manager to set milestone on the project. What are the characteristics of a milestone?
A.      The completion of a major event in the project.
B.      The completion of a major deliverables
C.      A duration of zero (0)
D.      All the answers
CORRECT ANSWER:  (D) EXPLANATION-A milestone is the completion of major deliverables, the completion of major event, and has duration zero (0).These are all characteristics of a milestone.
5. Calculate the PERT estimate for the following pessimistic=20, optimistic=10, realistic=17
a. 16.67 b. Not enough information c. 15 d. 16.33
CORRECT ANSWER :(D) EXPLANATION-The PERT formula is pessimistic + optimistic+(4*realistic)/6. The answer is (20 + 10 + (4*17) ) / 6=16.33

6. Which of the following is not a regulation?
a. The code for a city
b. The document way to dispose of old paint
c. The average speed on a highway in a week
CORRECT ANSWER: (C) EXPLANATION-The average speed on a highway in a week is simply a value. It’s not a regulation; the others are. The other answers have defined criteria that they must meet to be acceptable.
7. The project has 6 people on it.3 more are added. What is the total number of communication channels added to the project?
CORRECT ANSWER: A (D) EXPLANATION- To calculate this value, calculate the number of communication channels with 6 people. The formula is N*(N-1)/2. This means that, with 6 people, there are 15 channels of communication. Next add the 3 additional people for a total 9 people &use the communication channel formula. This shows that there 36 communication channels with 9 people on the project. Subtract 15 from 36 for a difference. The answer is 21 communication channels.
8. What is used to define the account that WBS and organizational structure align to for project cost tracking.
a. work packages
b. chart of accounts
c. cost estimates
d. cost baseline
CORRECT ANSWER: (B) EXPLANATION- Chart of accounts helps align project cost with the WBS & organizational structure on the project. Work packages are the lowest level of decomposition of the work breakdown structure.
9. Which of the following role helps support the project & resolves resources conflicts?
a. functional manager
b. senior management
c. sponsor
d. project management
CORRECT ANSWER: (B) EXPLANATION- Senior management is responsible for a number of areas on the project. The main responsibility is to help support the project & resolve resources conflict as they occur. The sponsor responsibility is to pay for the project & own it when completed. For situational question, assume that you are in a balanced matrix environment, unless otherwise stated. This environment has functional managers controlling resources while project managers drive the project to completion and the sponsor pays for the project.
10. Which of the following is an output of change control system?
a. change request b. approved change c. impact analysis d. signoff
CORRECT ANSWER: (B) EXPLANATION- Approved changes are the output of a change control system. These are change request that have gone into the system and have been approved. Change request involve a desired change that hasn’t been approved yet. Impact analysis identifies what impact the change might have on the project or environment. Signoff involves receiving approval. In this case “signoff” is noise

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