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Five steps to Re-purpose your career

How do you re-purpose your career you maybe asking are feeling you stuck in one place?
Very often change of self is needed more than a change of scene~Arthur C.Benson

Here are  Five steps to re-purpose your career:
Step One: Assess where you have been?So far in your career what have you been able to accomplish?Has your attitude been drawing you back on your career path?Go down memory lane to draw these precious insights.Assess your personal S.W.O.T:Strengths,Opportunities,Weakness and Threats.

Step Two: What is your Big Picture.What path will you like to tread in re-purposing your career? Here list want your main purpose is for your career,list what  career goals you are passionate about. Is it joining more networking groups both in your location and international?is it joining more networks online via Linkedin, twitter,Facebook etc Is it learning a new skill or acquiring a new degree?Is it writing a new book,publishing podcastIs changing your location to where the jobs are at?        List…

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