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Ten Real World Tips to passing your PMP Certification Exam from certified PMPs.


Februrary 2016: Job Vacancies in Nigeria.

Job Vacancies in Nigeria

Section 1:Job Vacancies
We require consultants in the following fields for a 3 month project (Lagos Based)
1. Telecoms/Network Engineer
2. Software Quality Assurance Engineer
3. Network Security Engineer.
We also require the following for full employment:
1. Network Engineers
2. Database Analyst
3. Network Security Analyst
4. Accountant
5. Office Administrator
6. Receptionist.
Email: for further details due in 1 week.

Section 2:
Job Vacancy
A Project Manager to work in top Youth Related NGO in Nigeria.
Must have:
Ability to do monitoring and evaluation
NGO knowledge
Pre-event and post-event assessment
Ability to use survey monkey
Good writing proposal skills
Relevant networking/connections for NGO
Knowledgeable in coding courses
Knowledge about NGO financing/accounts
at least 1 year experience in NGO work.
Interested participants should send their CVs to

February 2016 Newsletter

February Newsletter: Entrepreneurship and you!

Entrepreneurship is the rave on everyone's lips.
A strategy when starting out is to Go for the low-hanging fruit-Sometimes instinctively, you think the bigger the business, the better. By going after a bigger dream, you can quickly become impatient and begin losing focus on your initial goals. Instead, focus on attainable goals that have lower risk and fewer requirements to market entry.
As in the metaphor, you can reap the same rewards by starting small and simple.
Starting out can be a daunting task.Enjoy a helping hand with our courses/consultancy services in the area of
* Digital Marketing
* Corporate Event Management
* . Project Management
Schedule a call with us this month for Process Improvement and Project Management Advisory.
Quote of the Month: “Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.” - Guy Kawasaki, founder of AllTop.
Find our 2016 Training Catalog here 2016 Training Catalogue
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