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Professional Project Management Training starting September 24th,2011

Prepare for the new PMP Training exam from September 24th 2011 with Ritetrac Consulting Nigeria Limited with our Exam Updated Materials !

Duration: Four day training from Saturday 24th/25th September-1st/2nd
October 2011.

Venue: NAOWA Vocational Skills and Acquisition Center, Mambilla Barracks,
Asokoro, Abuja

Time: 9am-6pm Saturdays, 12noon-7.00pm Sundays

Participants will also achieve the following benefits:-

o Increase proficiency and competence in project management leading to
increased job opportunities and salary

o Better control over Project concept and planning

o Effective cost,quality,time savings techniques, Stakeholder management

o Give participants the opportunity to appreciate project management at
the global level through discussion of experiential scenarios, Practical
case studies, exercises and mock exam questions

o Improved Reporting and cost control using EVM Techniques.

o Prepares participants to qualify for 35PDUs needed to write the Project
Management Professional (…

Free Seminar:Building a Website Design & Developing a Project Management Career in Nigeria.


Why PMI Won’t Say If You Passed Or Failed Your PMP Exam

Why PMI Won’t Say If You Passed Or Failed Your PMP Exam

By Guest Blogger Cornelius Fichtner, PMP
The PMP Exam is changing on August 31st 2011. If you are taking the exam on or after this date, then your 200 questions will be based on the new PMP Exam Content Outline. To learn more about the detailed changes to the exam, please read my article “The PMP Exam Changes on 31 August 2011. What This Means For You”.
In addition to what you can find in that article, PMI recently announced the following: If you are taking the PMP Exam on or after 31 August 2011, then - for a limited time only - PMI will not immediately tell you if you have passed or failed your exam.
Let me explain: If you take your PMP Exam today, then “pass” or “fail” will immediately be displayed on your screen and printed on your examination report. But because PMI is changing the exam, they require some time to validate the new structure. They also need to make sure that the percentage of people passing/failing the new exam is…

Project Management Concepts for Enterprise 2.0

Project Management Concepts for Enterprise 2.0

By our Guest Blogger, Cornelius Fichtner, PMP
Dennis Brooke has been using web based project management communications tools since the late 1990s. In his recent interview on The Project Management Podcast he discussed how Enterprise 2.0 project management tools can make the most of communications between team, sponsors and stakeholders. PMPs can earn 30 free PDUs by listening to the entire series of podcasts

Effective Distribution
Once you complete a report, distribution is the next step. Most people send it as an attachment to an email but that isn’t the most efficient way to make sure that everyone sees it. This is because email, although very convenient, often gets lost in the maze of folders that people use to organize their inboxes. They will read a report, file it away and often forget where they put it when they want to refer back to it. Thus, the PM will receive repeated requests for duplicates which will, again, be fi…