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Gift Ideas this Holiday Season

Gift Ideas this Holiday Season

1.Do you know anyone that needs clarity in their career or business? Send them in for a FREE 15 minutes **Career Clarity Chat** via Whatsapp {Worth Priceless} Fill up this FORM to nominate

2. Know a budding young Engineer or someone interested in Quality Management and Process Improvement? Let them take our **Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course** FREE {Worth 100,000NGN}between now and 31st December 2016 here

3. Do you know someone good with Organization and Planning,let them take their career further by registering for our **Professional Event Management Masterclass Online** at 25,000NGN{Worth 59,900NGN} visit to register

4. Know someone that requires Project Management Skills to take them to the next level or get them a Promotion at work? Send them to our **ONLINE LIVE Project Management Session** starting January 7th 2017 at $100 {Worth 69,900 NGN} register here

Digital Marketing Essentials Mini Video Course

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