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The Free PM Exam Simulator Product Details 



Easily Prepare For The PMP Exam!

Lets face it studying as an adult can be stressful. The PM Exam Simulator™ removes this tension. It allows you to take 9 complete PMP Exams in a simulated environment enabling you to practice what's ahead of you. And because practice makes perfect, this is the absolute best way to prepare.

How The PM Exam Simulator™ Works

The PM Exam Simulator™ is a web-based PMP Exam preparation environment. Simply order your subscription and get your username / password for instant access from any web browser. There is nothing to download or install.

PMP Exam Simulator Benefits

  • Prepare you in a realistic environment
  • Perfect solution for the active project managers
  • Learn to manage your exam time effectively
  • Learn effective test taking strategies
  • Gain Confidence and reduce study time.
  • Access online - Anytime and from Anywhere.
  • Be ready to take the exam

FREE PMP Exam Simulator Features

  • 90 FREE PMP Exam questions (paid version has 1,800 questions)
  • 3 exam modes (see below for details)
  • Questions developed by a team of 7 certified PMP's
  • Mark for review - just like on the real exam
  • Detailed exam results page on-screen and sent to you via email
  • Review all questions after completion
  • Display explanations during review
  • Leave feedback during review
  • Rate question difficulty during review
  • Retake every sample exam as many as you like!
  • % of questions based on the official "PMP Examination Blueprint"
  • Based on the currenct PMBOK® Guide 4th Edition

Practice With Three Exam Modes

The PM Exam Simulator offers the following three exam modes:
Mode 1: Real Exam Mode
This mode simulates the real PMP exam experience:
  • Take up to 9 complete exams as many times as you like
  • Each exam has 200 questions and is 4-hours long
  • In this mode you can practice what the real exam feels like
Mode 2: Timed Mode
This mode offers hints & answers but you have limited time:
  • Take an exam with 10-75 questions
  • Select questions at random, from only 1 knowledge area, or from only 1 process group
  • Just like on the real exam you have 1.2 minutes per question
  • Show hint
  • Show correct answer
Mode 3: Learning Mode
This mode offers hints & answers without any time limitations:
  • Take an exam with 10-75 questions
  • Select questions at random, from only 1 knowledge area, or from only 1 process group
  • No time limit
  • Show hint
  • Show correct answer

Question Types You Will Be Tested On

The PM Exam Simulator™ will test you on the following types of exam questions. Please note that the free version may not contain all of these question types. The "real" simulator has them all:
Formula based questions: There are around 49 PMP exam formulas that you must know. These questions test your understanding of the formulas as well as your ability to apply them to exam style questions.

Situational questions: These test your ability to apply theoretical know how to real life project management situations. Often, these questions tend to be very long winded. The idea behind this is that in real life you will be handed both relevant and irrelevant information. Your task is to identify what’s relevant, ignore what doesn’t matter and then act upon the real issues. Be sure to read and accurately identify the actual question being asked of you, so that you can eliminate the useless information. Often, situational questions will offer two choices which are both reasonably correct, so it’s vital that you identify if the question is asking you the BEST choice, or the NEXT choice, or the EXCEPTION, or the ONLY answer.

Knowledge based questions: This type requires you to identify the meaning of the situation based on your understanding of the facts provided. Knowledge based question may also ask you to identify an example chart or graph.

Interpretational questions: These test your ability to deduce a situation or condition from the description of a status or problem. For example: “If your project has an SPI and a CPI both greater than 1, how well is your project performing?” To solve this, you will need to know how SPI and CPI relate to the project’s performance.

Specific technique questions: This question type provide a snap shot of a situation, like a network diagram, and ask you to provide an element that’s inherent in that diagram such as forward pass or backward pass.

PMBOK® Guide knowledge questions: Find our how familiar your are with specific areas of the guide, such as “Which of these processes are not part of the Initiating Process Group?” or “What are the inputs to the Create WBS process?
ITTO Questions: The PMBOK® Guide describes over 40 processes. Each process has Inputs, Tools & Techniques and Outputs. The simulator will test your knowledge of these "ITTOs" in-depth. In fact, the simulator has 1 complete exam (200 questions) that consists only of ITTO type questions.

It's Just Like The Real Exam

The following features of The PM Exam Simulator™ have been designed just like on the real exam, so that your testing environment simulates what you will be faced with on your big day:
  • Question style
  • Question difficulty
  • Questions are in the correct process group proportions (Initiation=11%, Planning=23%, Executing=27%, Monitoring & Controlling=21%, Closing=9%, Ethics=9%)
  • Mark for review feature

Bonus Items

When signing up of for the FREE PM Exam Simulator™ you will also receive the following bonus items:
Bonus Item #1: Basic Strategies for Taking The PMP Exam (Email Course)
In this 4-part email course we introduce you to important multiple choice test taking strategies, give our recommendations for other PMP Exam study material you need and we review the benefits of a simulator.
Bonus Item #2: PMP Exam Simulator Selection Worksheet
You probably want to shop around and buy the simulator that's just right for you. Use this XLS worksheet to compare our simulator to the others that you have found. Then make your selection. Let us know if you find a better one and why. We'd love to improve.
Bonus Item #3: Weekly PMP Exam Tips Newsletter
Our weekly PMP Exam Tips Newsletter offers tips, tricks, study approaches, best practices, articles and recommended study materials. A must have for everyone preparing for the PMP Exam. (You can unsubscribe at any time).

Compare FREE and full Simulator version

FULL Simulator FREE Simulator
Price $89.99 / 90 days Free / 3 days
Exams 8 Exams (200 questions each) 2 Exams (30 questions each)
ITTO Exam 1 Exam with 200 ITTO questions N/A
Goal Practice the PMP Exam Test the simulator
Question types All Most
Bonus items 4 3
Simulator features All features All features

Contact Hours

Using the PM Exam Simulator™ does not qualify for Contact Hours, because it is not a PMP Exam preparation course. Only courses qualify for Contact Hours. And because the PM Exam Simulator is "only" a tool to test your ability to take the PMP Exam you can not earn Contact Hours from it.

Registered Education Provider


OSP International LLC, the creator of The PM Exam Simulator™, has been reviewed and approved as a provider of project management training by the Project Management Institute (PMI). As a PMI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.), we have agreed to abide by PMI established quality assurance criteria.


The price for FREE The PM Exam Simulator™ is $0 for 3 days of access.

Technical System Requirements

Here is what you need on the technical side in order to be able to access The PM Exam Simulator™:
  • No download necessary. Everything is accessed online
  • Active internet connection required while taking simulated exams and quizzes
  • Minimum speed for internet connection is 256 kbit, however a high-speed connection (cable, broadband, etc.) is recommended
  • Browser version minimum: Internet Explorer 7.0, FireFox 3.6, Google Chrome 4.0 - The simulator will work in older versions / other browsers but there will be minor display issues
  • Screen resolution of minimum 1024 x 768 recommended

Portable Devices Not Recommended (Android/iPhone/iPad/Tablet)

The goal of The PM Exam Simulator™ is to simulate the real PMP Exam, so that you can practice in an environment that is as close as possible to the actual experience. On the day of your real exam you will be required to take the exam sitting at a desk in the testing center using a "normal" computer. You won't be using a portable device then.
We therefore recommend that you use The PM Exam Simulator™ only on your laptop/desktop computer to get used to doing it "the right way".

How do i get this?
Click directly on  the link Free 3 days access to my PM Exam Simulator today!

After your test drive you can have a full 90 days access by clicking here 90 days access to the PM Exam Simulator!


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