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PMBOK 4th Edition

Follow this link to acquire the latest edition of the PMBOK 4TH Edition.About the PMBOK its the standard book considered as the best for Project Management Literature from PMI.

The Fourth Edition continues to reflect the evolving knowledge within the profession of project management. Like previous editions it represents generally recognized good practice in the profession. The PMBOK®Guide—Fourth Edition continues the tradition of excellence in project management with a standard that is easy to understand and implement

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Take your Job Search Online

In case you are on a job search in these days of recession,I encourage you not to loss hope but to perserve in your search.Every day on Quest means Business on CNN,I see loads of people pounding the pavements all in search of a job.Apart from a physical search,an online search can reduce the hours spent moving up and down.
Here is a list of sites to see for your job search.God's Grace and Favour in your search.
Largest Databank of Project Management Jobs worldwide

CWJobs is the largest and longest running specialist IT recruitment website, serving permanent & contract IT jobseekers throughout the UK. is the leading one stop job board for all IT recruiters and IT organisations looking to find UK based IT professionals.

JobServe formed in 1993 as the world's first online recruitment service and their passion for innovation has ensured that the company is still at the forefront in this fa…

The Value of Project Management

Some one rightfully asked me the other day of the value that project management can add to their organization and as an individual wanting to go into the profession.For many people, the idea of a structured process represents change, which is often unwelcome; and it is thought to be overly burdensome and even costly. In reality, successful project management offers important benefits to ensure goals are effectively accomplished for the benefit of the organization.

Some of these values that PM brings to the table includes:
Establishes accountability -Project status reports track progess on deliverables,ensuring project stays on track and on schedule.Manages Risk -potential risks or threats to the success of the project are identified early and manged accordingly by putting necessary risk mitigating processes in place
Mitigates Cost -most projects major issues are that costs are always overiden,but this can be corrected by using techiques and tools to manage cost variances
Prevents Scope Cr…

Some Sample PMP Exam Questions

Question 1 Your project isn't going well. You have just left your managers office with a very bad feeling in your stomach. She was ranting about the project team and starting to point fingers in every direction trying to put blame on others. This is an example of: Noise in the communication The Expectancy Theory Politics A Theory X manager Answer 1 D.) A Theory X manager The Theory X manager tends to believe that everything must end in blaming someone. He or she thinks all prospective employees are only out for themselves. Usually these managers feel the sole purpose of the employees interest in the job is money. They will blame the person first in most situations, without questioning whether it may be the system, policy, or lack of training that deserves the blame. Question 2 If CPI = 1 how much is the Cost Performance Index? 1 -1 0 Cannot be determined Answer 2 A.) 1 CPI is the abbreviation of Cost Performance Index. Therefore, if CPI = 1, the Cost Performance Index is also = 1 …

6 Reasons to become Certified as a PMP or CAPM!!

6 Reasons to become certified as a PMP or CAPM

Project Management Training /Certification will help you successfully manage teams across organizational and global boundaries maintaining accountability, transparency,documentation and communication on your projects. Project Management Training will help you develop team building skills and greater levels of team cohesion to successfully deliver your projectsMaturity for your organization is achievedYou automatically become a more valued player in your organization earn higher incomesYou will be able to develop more accurate schedules to help you deliver on time and within budgetsIncreased Client Confidence  Looking to get a PMP Certification then visit if in Nigeria but outside Nigeria consider our Multimedia Virtual Project Management classes more information hereMultimedia Virtual PMP Training

Free PMP/CAPM Seminar!! Update

The Time Slot for the free seminar is now 10am-12noon and 1-3pm.This is due to the clean up exercise holding in Abuja on the 26th of September. We apologise for any inconviences.Thanks

Free PMP/CAPM Seminar!!

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