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Lean Six Sigma & Process Improvement Conference

Dear Professional Colleague, Have you ever wanted to meet up with thousands of other Process Improvement, Change Managers, Project Management Leaders, Quality Management leaders, Lean & Six Sigma Professionals from around Nigeria and the world? LEAN SIX SIGMA & PROCESS IMPROVEMENT CONFERENCE delivers just that, inspiring and educating thousands each year. Not only will you learn the latest lean six sigma tactics, but you will also create the connections/network needed to transform your organization for the ever evolving competitive business world. Join us from December 1st -2nd in Abuja, Nigeria for our largest LEAN SIX SIGMA event yet!!!
Sign up now and receive an early bird discount. Use code EARLYBIRD15. Offer expires(November 15th,2015). Visit to learn more and to register. Know a professional colleague who would benefit from LEAN SIX SIGMA CONFERENCE? Share with them and receive an additional 10% off!!! Follow us on Social Media