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Ritetrac Consulting Nigeria Limited:1st Quarter 2012 Training Calender.

Ritetrac Consulting Nigeria Limited RC 728132 Leveraging on best practice to increase your ROI… 2012 Training Calendar at a Glance. QUARTER ONE Month Course/Programme Days Start End Location Price(Naira) January Professional Project Management Training(Blended Multimedia and Classroom) 4 Sat 28 Sun 5 February Abuja 64,900 February Professional Project Management Training(Blended Multimedia and Classroom)

Starting 2012 attend our Free Quartely Project Clinic

Starting 2012 attend our Free Quartely Project Clinic
How do you manage a Project? What skills are required? How do you make your self indispensable to your Organization as a Project Manager?What are the options available to you for educating yourself to move from novice to expert? Which option is best for you?
Get answers to these and many other Project Management questions at our quarterly FREE Project Clinic sessions.

First Session starts Wednesday 29th February 2012 from {9am-3pm}:Topic:Soft skills for effective Project delivery.
Registration for the first 20 participants closes 15th February 2012.
At our Project Clinic you have access to one-on-one Project Management Consulting for your business and Job absolutely FREE.

For more information or further enquiries please call +2348191547742 or email  today.Forward to your friends and colleagues.

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Free Webinar:What is your Communication Style?

What is Your Communication Style and what does this mean? It means you have a natural style of communicating. This is the way thatis the most comfortable for you to communicate, it includes whether you preferwritten(email or other) or verbal (on the phone vs. in-person) communication and whether or not you are careful and deliberate in your communications or more comfortable thinking out loud. This includes how you like to send communication and how you like to receive it.You might prefer to walk down the hall to see someone when you have something to say,but you might want people to email you things when they have things to say so that you have them in writing or so that you can refer back to them later or add them to your calendar. You also have an adapted style of communication, this means how we communicate when we are upset or under pressure or during a conflict. It is important to understand your natural approach/style and your adapted approach. Then you can begin to underst…