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Project Management Mentoring

Hello CEO's, does your staff members require Project Management Mentoring?

Do you know Project Management skills has been proven to deliver business results across various industries.

Send in your 'Nominees' for a 4 -months duration mentoring sessions with our seasoned certified Project Management Professionals,ask for more details by emailing or visiting our website

Entries close by January 30th 2013.

Mentoring sessions begins February 1st 2013.

Be Project Management Savvy!

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My Top 10 Recommended Web Sites for Free PMP Exam Sample Questions

My Top 10 Recommended Web Sites for Free PMP Exam Sample Questions

By Cornelius Fichtner, PMP

After eight years as a project management trainer, I have helped more than 20,000 students prepare for their Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam. In my experience along the way, I’ve found one thing that unites them all: They all want to practice with free PMP Exam sample questions.

In an effort to help, I have identified 10 web sites that offer free PMP Exam sample questions. I recommend each of them for the quality of their questions. Hands down, this web site has the toughest questions around. If you are able to answer more than 50% correctly, then hats off to you. Lehmann provides sample questions in a variety of formats. From the site, you can take a free 75-question simulated, timed (90 minute) exam. He also includes a link to over 3,000 free sample questions (4,000 for PMI members) as well as a download option (PDF) for an additional 175 sample question…

Over 20 Benefits of enrolling in the Professional Project Management (PMP®) Exam Preparatory Classes

Over 20 Benefits of enrolling in the Professional Project Management (PMP®) Exam Preparatory Classes

1.Understand the PMI terminology that will be used on the PMP Certification examination.

2. See how Quality Planning can be used to ensure project success.

3. Know the subject matter that will be tested, the depth to which questions will be asked,the structure of the Exam questions and the emphasis that will be placed on each topic.
4. Understand how Net Present Value,Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Benefits Cost Ration(BCR) etc are calculated and used as part of a Project Charter
5. Learn how to construct a Network Diagram using PDM(Precedence Diagramming Method).
6. Produce task time estimates that utilize best-practice and are consistently reliable.
7. Memorize and understand key terms, equations, and graphs for the PMP examination.
8. Effectively translate previous project management experience to the PMI standards which are best practice.
9. Understand how to determine and measu…

100 Project Management Tactics from across Nigeria

In our great country Nigeria we have found out that years go by without much improvements in the delivery and implementation of our National Projects;hence we record loads of failed projects time and time again.

In other parts of the world that are Project Management mature the reverse is the case.

This post is calling on Certified Project Management Practitioners from across the 36 states of the federation to contribute to a FREE eBook titled "100 Project Management Tactics from across Nigeria" this e-BOOK would help to create a reservoir of good/best practices that can improve how we deliver our projects most of the time.

This is a Corporate Social Initiative from Ritetrac Consulting Nigeria Ltd.

Note:Contributors names and details would be protected

Launch Date:January 31st,2013


1.Step One: Create your concise 1,500 words count contribution in Font type:Arial narrow Size 12 with details of a.Your Name b.No of years Certified(**No specific mention of names a…

Project Manager Vacancy at Standard Chartered Bank.

Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria provides high quality services to individual clients and small and medium-sized businesses, offering long-term financial solutions tailored to individual customer needs.

Currently, Standard Chartered Bank is seeking full time permanent candidates for the position of Project Manager for its office which located in Nigeria.

Project Manager Job Description
Projects, GS, Marketing and Finance.
Engage CRES Ops/Agent to identify suitable site for a new Branch
Conduct site visitation with CRES project to confirm.
Suitability of location to meet CB’s target market
CRES Ops to ensure suitability of structure and extent of work required
Engage CRES Ops/ Agent to conduct site survey to ascertain rent for the neighborhood
Follow up to ensure that a competitive rate is agreed.
Prepare PAR with relevant inputs from Projects and IT
Follow up for PAR approval at PSCs
Ensure that all Group approvals requisite for Branch construction are obtained on time by CRES Projects
Stage …

5 interesting facts about the PMI's PMP credential

5 interesting facts about the PMI's PMP credential

Did you know that ...

1.The world is spending 1/5 of its GDP (US $12 trillion) on projects this
year 2012 - and organizations that range from global businesses to
governments and NGOs have identified project management and skilled
project managers as the key to their success.

2.In a recent global survey of highest paying certifications, that the PMP
certification came 1st, ahead of other certifications such as ITIL vs2,
Certified Information Systems, Security Professional (CISSP), Cisco
Certified Voice Professional (CCVP), Microsoft Certified Solution
Developer (MCSD) etc, this is in addition to been rated as the fastest
growing certification in demand.

3.The PMP certification opens you up to global career opportunities.
Project Managers with the PMP credential have in the last one year
recorded an average of 15% salary increase post certification.

4.The PMP certification is recognised by business professionals around the
world as…

Event planning training in Nigeria

Event planning in Nigeria is turning into a big industry.

Nigerians love events and attend loads of it from Weddings to Birthday to Road shows to Corporate Events etc

To achieve success as an event planner you must be equipped with the tools for your trade to attract clients all the time and increase your business portfolio.

Event Management is a low cost business that can be run from your home for the retired,stay at home moms and other persons that may be interested in becoming your own boss.

Join us to master your act in this workshop on Corporate Event Management coming up October 24th and 25th in Abuja,Nigeria.

Who should attend?


Heads of Administration

Corporate Affairs Managers

Public Relation Managers

Training Directors

Anyone who is called upon to plan events etc

Download the Brochure today here Corporate Event Management Workshop Program

Email for more information or call 08191547742.

Our Open Training Calender August -December 2012

We would like to let you know of our open training calender if you re based in Nigeria.

Here is our Training calender for the rest of the year updated by downloading here Open Training Course Calender August- December 2012

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How To Find The Correct Answer On PMP Exam Questions

How To Find The Correct Answer On PMP Exam Questions
By Cornelius Fichtner, PMP

You have studied the PMBOK® Guide and numerous additional materials; you believe you have a solid understanding of project management theories and the application of those theories; and you have taken the steps to schedule your PMP Exam, there is just one lingering question…how can you make sure you are able to identify the best answers when it comes time to take the PMP Exam?

The PMP Exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions that need to be answered in four hours. For each question you are provided a scenario along with four answers to choose from. Your job is to choose the correct answer, which can be difficult when more than one answer may look correct. One thing to remember that no matter your personal experiences or even other project management training, the PMBOK® Guide is the basis for answering PMP Exam Questions.

There are several strategies you can use to help yourself determine the best an…

What quality must a Project Manager possess?

A friend of mine is planning to go for an interview for the post of a Project Manager. He then asked me “what is the number one quality that an employer will like to have his Project Manager to possess?”

I will like to take advantage of your contribution to this question to give an objective answer to my friend asap.Thanks

Earned Value Management Question for ETC ,VAC, CPI,CV , PV and EAC

Earned Value Management is a  great way to track performance of your Project's schedule and cost.
Here is a sample Question:
Activity A is worth $200, is 100% complete, and actually cost $200. Activity B is worth $75, is 90% complete, and actually cost $120 so far. Activity C is worth $200, is 75% complete and has cost $175 so far. The total budget is $1000.

What is 1) ETC 2) VAC 3) CPI 4) CV 5) PV 6) EAC

You need to look at the activites as tied to an entire project.
The BAC is $1,000.

PV(Planned Value)
1.Activity A's PV -$200
2.Activity B 's PV -$75
3.Activity C's PV -$200

Then start calculating the EV

EV(Earned Value)
1.Activity A is BAC*Actual % Complete
200*100% =200
2.Activity B is BAC*Actual % Complete
3.Activity C is BAC*Actual % Complete
200*75% =150
Total Earned Value = 417.5

AC(Actual Cost) **there is no formular to this
Activity A+ Activity B + Activity C
Total Actual Cost =200+120+175 = 495

(Cost Performance Index)

7 Lessons Learned from the PMP Exam

7 Lessons Learned from the PMP Exam
By Cornelius Fichtner, PMP

Everyone has different ways of studying for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification. You may carry the PMBOK® Guide around with you, or use flashcards. You may join your local Project Management Institute (PMI)® Chapter and study in a group. Whatever your study path, someone has been there before you.

While everyone has a slightly different story to tell, there are some things that make a big difference to your chances of success with the PMP Exam. Luckily, exam candidates are very happy to share their stories and lessons learned with you. We have reviewed and analyzed a number of lessons learned from the PMP Exam that successful exam takers have posted on our website. Here are our top 7 lessons learned.

1: Make a plan

“I had a plan laid out and had to rebaseline it twice but it helps to view where you are and align it once every 2-3 days,” says one student on our forum. Create a plan in a format that works…

R.A.M matrix charts and your projects

Are you involved currently with a Project or you have been involved in the past?If its the later then you will recall that conflicts arise during project implementation due to lack of clarity on what each team members roles and irresponsibility should be as pertaining to project deliverables.

To keep everyone on the same page a tool that simplifies this effort comes in the form of a chart called the R.A.M (Responsibilty Assignment Matrix).

Below is a snippet of a RAM which can be developed out of your W.B.S(Work Breakdown Structure) to ensure your team and stakeholders understand their specific roles and responsibilites.

WBS Element          Project Team Members                                Other Stakeholders

1.0.1 Activity AEmeka               James                          Funke     Aliyu              Sponsor
N                             R                            C          A                     S
1.0.2 Activity B     R                                                             …

PMBOK 5th Edition- Checklist of some key changes

PMBOK 5th Edition-Checklist of some key changes

PMI –Project Management Institute USA has constantly over the years reviewed their PMBOK(Project Management Body Of Knowledge) which is the reference book for the institute's PMP Certification Credentials.

This Post is to enlighten you on some of the key changes going forward.

Please Note: This post is in regards to the Project Management Institute's exposure draft of the Project Management Body of Knowledge, Fifth Edition early this year. 

PMBOK Version 5 won't be out till the 4th Quarter of 2012; and new restructured PMP exam test will start from approximately from June 2013. 

If you're studying for the PMP currently from 2012-June 2013 stick with PMBOK version 4(unless otherwise stated)

PMBOK 5th Edition Checklist of some key changes:

1.Addition of a new knowledge area called ‘Stakeholder Management’ making 10 Knowledge areas.
2.PMBOK 5th Edition has 248 pages minus the glossary.
3.47 Processes are now available.
4.Definition of…

FAQs about the PMP Exams

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

Project Management what is it about? Project Management is a management concept/principle applied to manage change, increase organisational efficiency, improve productivity, and increased returns on investment using standardised techniques, methods, tools and processes.

How relevant is project management? Relevant in all fields of endeavour. Infact the western world-multinational corporations, blue-chip companies, government agencies and private companies drive their processes using project management processes and techniques.

Is project management of any significant value in Nigeria? YES. Most Nigerian companies now require that their personnel acquire project management skills. Those with these skills are highly priced and attract comparable to their international counterparts.

How is it relevant to me? Am not an engineer or a technical person? Project management is not limited to any particular discipline, it is applied across industries.

Is it acceptable…

What are the Five Conflict Resolution Modes? And which one do you use most often?

What are the Five Conflict Resolution Modes? And which one do you use most often?

When you understand how you handle conflict, you can begin to understand when your approach is effective and when it is not. Then you can learn to adapt your behavior and draw from different conflict resolutions styles as-needed. There are five conflict handling modes and one of these is your preferred mode. These five modes come from the TKI or Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument.

What is the TKI? The TKI is a questionnaire designed to measure how you tend to handle inter-personal conflict.  This is expressed using five modes (which we will cover next) and two dimensions:

>Assertiveness – This is the degree to which you try to satisfy your own concerns when faced with a conflict.
>Cooperativeness – This is the degree to which you try to satisfy the other person’s concerns when faced with a conflict.

The TKI was developed in the early 70’s by Kenneth W Thomas and Ralph H Kilmann. It was origin…

Nigerian Graduates and CAPM

Nigerian Graduates and CAPM

Nigerian graduates must be proactive in adding value to their resume as early as possible in their career. One of the relevant certifications that stands out is the CAPM stands for: Certified Associate Project Management from Project Management Institute,(PMI) USA.
This certification is accepted worldwide as proof of project management competency.

Having a CAPM certification proves that the candidate has project management knowledge of industry best practices, as well as capability to study any environment with vision of enhancing problems regarding projects.
It is an excellent advancement for University graduates wishing to start a career in the project management arena.
Project Management is defined as “the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to a broad range of activities in order to meet the requirements of a particular project according to PMI.
It comprised of five Project Management stages namely:
•Initiating Process Groups

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