FREE webinar: 'What's Your Communication Style?'

Here is a Free Webinar for you :'What's your Communication Style' by Margaret Meloni

What's Your Communication Style and what does this mean?

Well to find out, register today for a FREE Webinar, January 24th from 12-1:00 PST.

Register! Even if you cannot make it, you receive a free recording and can earn a Professional Development Unit (PDU).

Working with Margaret Meloni, your host in this workshop you will learn: You have a natural and adapted style of communications (meaning; how you communicate normally and when you are upset or under pressure). And why it's important to understand both. Then you can begin to recognize and understand the styles of others and understand when your style works and when it does not.

That is a lot to consider. But, the most important question; is your style working for you?

Overall how do you know?

Well, let's explore these topics with Margaret Meloni in this premier Webinar. Margaret, an expert in her field, delivers soft-skill, personal development products and coaching for Project Managers worldwide.

Join me! I will certainly be there to learn more about my communication styles and how they affect my success in the workplace and the success of my team. Register today as seating is limited and when you do register please be sure to tell Margaret I sent you by filling in the 'Who Referred You' information with 'Ojiugo Ajunwa'. 

Register here:
PS: For a brief time following the webinar, you receive a special offer on a new product, to help you continue your development.

Disclaimer: I am happy to be a Meloni Coaching Solutions, Inc. Affiliate Partner for which I do receive a commission.


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