R.A.M matrix charts and your projects

Are you involved currently with a Project or you have been involved in the past?If its the later then you will recall that conflicts arise during project implementation due to lack of clarity on what each team members roles and irresponsibility should be as pertaining to project deliverables.

To keep everyone on the same page a tool that simplifies this effort comes in the form of a chart called the R.A.M (Responsibilty Assignment Matrix).

Below is a snippet of a RAM which can be developed out of your W.B.S(Work Breakdown Structure) to ensure your team and stakeholders understand their specific roles and responsibilites.

WBS Element           Project Team Members                                 Other Stakeholders

1.0.1 Activity A Emeka               James                          Funke     Aliyu              Sponsor
                                 N                             R                            C           A                     S
1.0.2 Activity B      R                                                                          S                 P.G.R
1.0.3 Activity C R                              C                                          S                A Activity D  R                              C                                          N             Activity E   N                              R                           C            S                     A

Fig 1 above:RAM-Responsibilty Assignment Matrix

Keys to the Matrix:
P.G.R -Phase Gate Reviewer
S-Support Required
A-Approval Required
N-Must be notified of activity

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