Free Webinar:What is your Communication Style?

What is Your Communication Style and what does this mean? 
It means you have a natural style of communicating. This is the way that
is the most comfortable for you to communicate, it includes whether you prefer
written(email or other) or verbal (on the phone vs. in-person) communication 
and whether or not you are careful and deliberate in your communications or more 
comfortable thinking out loud.

This includes how you like to send communication and how you like to receive it.
You might prefer to walk down the hall to see someone when you have something 
to say,but you might want people to email you things when they have things to say so that
you have them in writing or so that you can refer back to them later or add them to
your calendar.

You also have an adapted style of communication, this means how we communicate when
we are upset or under pressure or during a conflict.

It is important to understand your natural approach/style and your adapted approach.

Then you can begin to understand the styles of others and how/when your styles work
with others or not.

There is a lot to consider. And the most important question; is your style working
for you?

Overall how do you know?
 Well, to explore these questions; I invite you to join me in attending a FREE
Webinar entitled:What's Your Communication Style?.

Margaret Meloni of Meloni Coaching Solutions will be your coach/host of this live
Webinar. Margaret delivers soft-skill, personal development products and coaching
for Project Managers worldwide. Her coaching products help make successful Project
Manager regardless of their industry. Learn more about her: 
And do be on the lookout for my next message about registering for this exciting
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