Project Manager Resume - How to write an excellent Project Manager Resume that gets the job!

Project Manager Resume - How to write an excellent Project Manager Resume that gets the job!

It is indeed a difficult task to write a single project manager resume that will be effective in attaining interviews for a variety of companies in several different industries as the Project Management career cuts across industries.

Because there is so much competition for jobs, recruiters have become very good at “scanning” resumes. Scanning involves looking over a resume as quick as possible to look for keywords of interest such as “project manager”, “PMP” or “Prince2″ for example. While this is done manually, it’s often done with software as well.

With that in mind, you’re probably thinking how will I get all the experience I have as a project manager into a format that will show up in the “scan”?To cut a long story short - an effective Project Manager Resume must be built in!

For starters research the skills needed for the project management job you wish to obtain. Make sure you use action words not just nouns in the style of your writing to make an interesting read.
If you don’t know where to start then to find job advertisements for other posted job openings in project management online at various job boards like, and 

List the qualifications required to fill the positions. Common qualifications include experience with budget management, ability to lead a team and certification in project management. Match your skills, experience and education to these requirements.

Additionally follow these steps:

1.    Do not use large font sizes stick to a basic size 12 using styles like Arial, Garamond etc that are clear to read
2.    Put all your credentials after your name.
3.    Lead your resume in line with the job you want
4.    Focus on the top third of your first page. You have 15seconds to make an impression or get your resume never read!
5.    Quantify your achievement. use monetary signs  and percentages to show the recruiter the value you are going to bring to the table.
6.    Summarize your career so far putting in your role with dates and a one liner narrating what specific role
7.    Throw in industry keywords to appear in a search in case the recruiter is using an automated tool with certain criteria to select candidates
8.    Proofread your resume to check for errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation. 

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