What causes project failures and what are the solutions?

If you ask me about the major cause of project failures i would list the following.

1.Project Requirements not being properly defined-Engage a project manager ahead of time after the project charter has been signed so that the requirements for the project to be successful are gathered on time
2.Not having the project fund released on time-engage your project sponsor through a project champion so that your funds are released on time to do the project work.
3.Not having a competent team that have the necessary skills for the project work-Train all your human resources that are weak or need brushing up to have a top notch team that will carry out the work faster and efficiently
4.Not having a competent project manager-make sure the project manager has the education at least a certification to enable the project manager ride the murky waves of the projects lifecycle with a good handle on what to do and when to do it
5.Not having a project champion from your clients end-using your interpersonal skills try and get a person to champion your cause in the clients side
6.Not Influencing the major stakeholders enough-try and draw out your stakeholder register and manage accordingly
7.Not communicating or having a communication startegy
8.Not having a Project Management Plan-if you fail to plan then you are planning to fail
9.Gold Plating-Doing something extra for the client by your team to please customer outside the scope of the work done.
10.Allowing scope creep-where a project's inital scope keeps changing because the client wants a change thereby impacting on the schedule and cost of the project.
11.Don't identifying your risk-get everyone to brainstorm on the risks that may or may n ot occur on the project and having plans to mitigate them when they do occur or enhance them if the risk is a positive one to the project
12. Not Monitoring Project Progress-always monitoring performance helps you to fish out gray areas on time and escalate issues
This list is by no means exhaustive,please feel free to comment on more cause of project failures.

Lets enjoy your feedback and get the lessons learnt from it.

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