10 things you should be doing in your Project right now!

10 things you should be doing in your Project right now!

Professional Project Management is complex with 47 processes,over 660+ I.T.T.O{Inputs,Tools,Techniques and Outputs} from the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge)Guide you must know how to tailor the right processes for the size and type of project you maybe working on currently.
Reality checks are necessary for your current project to thrive and succeed while realizing benefits for the organization.

10 things you should be doing on your Project right now includes
1. Ensure you have a Project Charter to work with as it provides a high level roadmap for your Project and your P.M.O{Project Management Office} if you have one is aware the Project exists.
2. Start using Team Meetings and your Organizational Process Assets to clearly define which Project Management Processes to inculcate for your Projects.
3. Create a W.B.S Structure that is a Work Breakdown Structure to have a graphical view of all the work required for your Project use this to plan out Project Cost,Schedule,Risk,Procurement etc
4. Do you have a match as per team members,ensure they are well motivated with Team building activities such as a book club,football matches,
5. Use a R.A.C.I Matrix to clearly define the roles they play per activity on the project to reduce confusion about who is doing what

6. Engage your Stakeholders more and as early as possible in the Project as Non-Engagement causes Project failure and reduces Benefit realization. Use a stakeholder register,Stakeholder Power/Interest Grid for Analysis and Stakeholder Management plan to achieve this.
7. Monitor Progress consistently on your schedule and cost as the project moves on using Earned Value Management Techniques such as the S.P.I{Schedule Performance Index} and C.P.I {Cost Performance Index}make changes to ensure you stay on track
8. Ensure you manage Project Change requests professionally as uncontrolled changes is the main cause of Project Failures. Use a Change Control Board {C.C.B}on your Project and track all changes approved for proper implementation.
9. Keep records of Project activities in the areas of Cost expended on salaries,resources etc,Risk encountered and how to mitigate it,Minutes of Meetings,Procurement documentation etc
10. At the end of the Project ensure you create your Lessons Learned documentation so that it serves your next Project  well by reducing effects of negative situations that may have occurred in the past.
Note that this list is not exhaustive but a good starting point from real world experience.

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How do you currently manage your Projects. Over to you!


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