How to improve productivity by removing waste from processes

Lets talk about the 8 Waste otherwise known as D.O.W.N.T.I.M.E a Lean Six Sigma Concept.
This gets our processes work better,faster,efficiently,effectively and more profitable with reduction in cycle time thereby
improving O.T.D {On Time Delivery} of services.

Benefits of D.O.W.N.T.I.M.E
Less Waste
Fewer Workstations
Quicker change of tools etc
Reduced downtime
Better control over quality
Reduced Labor
More efficient use of machinery
Work-in-process inventory reduced
Increased capacity
Increased production flexibility

Application of Downtime
Lets take it home to Nigeria.
In the 70's,80's and 90's the process of writing J.A.M.B has been improved.
Students buy the JAMB form via the Banks,fill form,post it and wait for the 2-3 months to get your posting for your exam center.
Then you go there,write your exams as a P.B.T{Paper Based Test} on a particular scheduled date nation wide,
JAMB gets a team to mark your exam then you wait for 1-2months
to get a release of your results.
In recent times, you buy your JAMB Form online with a scratch card and write your exams as C.B.T{Computer Based Test} also results are now
provided immediately after your test and the test dates are scheduled for different people.
Cycle Time is reduced,waste of waiting,defects,motion ,transportation etc.

Implementing Lean Six Sigma is very beneficial with the current economic times that we are in. It will not only save money,it makes work easy for everyone thereby boosting employee morale and the Customer's satisfaction will be raised.

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  1. A smallish campaign with a homemade list would not be likely to yield much of a result. To achieve anything worthwhile, a much more aggressive effort is needed. Then, the age-old value analysis applies: projected earnings = margin on total projected sales - cost of campaign.


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