April 2016 Newsletter

What is the most important skill you need?

If you want to be successful, you’ll need many specialized business skills, but probably the most important one will surprise you: it's the capacity to READ! Yes, READ!

You must develop the capacity to read, and to read FAST, and by this I don't mean basic literacy. This is why I talk of "capacity." If you’re on this platform, you’re someone who has more than basic literacy skills. You are the next generation of leaders.

I'm sure you’ve heard the expression: "(Great) leaders are readers."

You must have the capacity to read a lot, if you want to be successful. All the greatest leaders I’ve ever met, from any walk of life, had this in common: they liked to read books, journals, and articles.

You must BUY and own books. It must be a constant investment. You’re not a reader if you prefer only to borrow books. It means you're not committed. If you have children, take them to bookshops. Buy or build them bookshelves. Encourage them to own and treasure books. Take them to libraries, galleries and museums… they're generally free!

__For the African continent to grow and prosper, we must build a greater culture of reading in our young generations! There’s not a moment to waste.

Reading is by far and away the thing I do most in my day.
I hate rituals, but if you must have a ritual, this is it: Read every day to understand, reflect upon and follow what’s going on around you that affects you. Remember what I’ve said before: things happening far across the world can seriously affect you, too!

You can train yourself to expand your reading capacity quickly and easily:
1. Buy and read books.
2. Buy and read books.
Did I repeat myself?
Buy and read books!

In closing, the other day I went to see a play in New York about Alexander Hamilton, one of America’s founding fathers. It was a remarkable musical production and worth all the rave reviews it’s getting. I only had one problem: it was a musical performed in "rap" by a mostly young African-American cast; for a long time, I didn’t understand a thing they were saying! But I could still follow the story very well, because I’d read the book on which it was based more than 10 years earlier. If I must see a movie, I need to read the book as well.

Someone who has a smartphone or tablet is reading (quantitatively) more than 100x what their peers read 20 years ago. Nevertheless, the key to reading capacity requires an interest in reading books, even those in electronic format.

Be smart, be wise; buy and read books. If you’re planning to get to the top, one book a week should be your minimum target.

**Culled from Strive Masiyiwa Econet Founder**

Our April/May Training Courses

**School of Project Management**
**1. PMP {Project Management Professional}Training**
April 12th,13th,14th and 15th-Abuja,Lagos and Port Harcourt
April 30th,May 1st,7th,8th 2016 -Owerri
May 10th,11th12th and 13th-Abuja,Lagos and Port Harcourt
May 21st,22nd,28th and 29th-Abuja,Lagos and Port Harcourt
**2. Primavera p6 Training Workshop**
 April 26th,27th and 28th-Abuja/Lagos
May 1st,2nd and 3rd-Port Harcourt
**3. Projects In Controlled Environments -PRINCE2 Foundation**
April 2nd,3rd and 9th-Lagos
April 9th,10th and 11th-Abuja
**4. PRINCE2 Foundation**
May  5th,6th and 7th -Port Harcourt
**6. Microsoft Projects**
April 9th and 10th-Abuja,Port Harcourt and Lagos
**7. PMP Refresher Classes**
 April 9th and 10th - Abuja,Lagos and Port Harcourt
**8. Free Online Time Management Training**
 May 17th {Online}

**School of Professional Management/Marketing**
**1. Digital Marketing Workshop**
April 12th -Port Harcourt
April 16th-Abuja,Lagos
**2. Corporate Event Management**
May 2nd,3rd and 4th-Port Harcourt
April 5th,6th,7th-Abuja
April 26th,27th and 28th -Lagos
**3 Master Class for Executive Secretaries & Personal Assistants**
April 19th,20th and 21st 2016- Abuja

**School of Operational Excellence**
**1.Lean Six Sigma**
Abuja,Lagos and Port Harcourt
**Yellow Belt-**April 2nd,3rd and 9th/May 14th,15th,21st,22nd,28th
**Green Belt -**April 2nd,3rd,9th and 10th
**Black Belt -**April 2nd,3rd,9th,10th and 16th
**2.ITIL Foundation**
May 3rd,4th and 5th-Abuja,Lagos and Port Harcourt
 May 10th,11th and 12th -Abuja,Lagos and Port Harcourt
**4.Supply Chain Management**
May 10th,11th and 12th -Lagos,Abuja and Port Harcourt

**Contact us today**
**Email:** info@ritetracconsult.com.ng
**Phone:** 08038769323/09080161515

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